Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ok this place is no longer in use. Goodbye, Pitas. It was fun, but everything has to end. And you were not always good. Quite frankly, I hate too much about you.

Changes will be coming soon.

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Sunday, August 8, 2004

Firstly and most importantly, happy, happy belated birtday to my dearest Sammi. I knew it when it came and kept getting side-tracked from doing this ><;; I'm terribly sorry and I hope your day was spent well *HUGS* And welcome home.

I know, I'm so late on all of this ~.~

Glad to know you all are doing pretty well <3 Yes, I do write at LJournal more because it's faster and I've gotten lazy. Hey, life isn't moving slowly :/ I need to get things out faster. Plus it's easier to check journals. Yeah, so the easy thing is a perk.

Your Bella is adorable! And yes, I've changed the link <3 n_n

And while I know Jessi has closed down, her closing page is too damn sexy <3

I should get off now. As it's late. G'night~

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Damn :/

No, double that. My inbox is fucked up with tons of messages, even some from God forsaken MARCH. Meh. Which includes your e-mail. I'm terribly sorry about that ><;; And you're away now too....erk x_x;

So...not much to say, really. Nothing I'm willing to say here, actually :/ Life's been peachy, busy, fussy and calm. A nice mix. Hope everyone's been doing well themselves?

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

I have! XDXD Once again, LJournal sucked me in. I'm telling you, easy updating is wonderful x_x And I shall. I shall blog more and more. Can't abandon this place ;;

Oh that's not fair XDXD I can't even get to you to shush you, damn it. Stupid distance ~.~ Errr....uhh....*paws?* :D

Had an interesting dream. Involved trees and bondage. Eh. My dreams aren't changing <<;;

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Okee, so I haven't done so already - THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS ON THIS LAYOUT. Talk about abandoning. Eek x_x

And I miss Sammi ;; *paws and hopes she comes back soon* <3

Rumours about Seishirou? You said something about it your comment on the first entry here XD;; What rumours, ne?

Lazy, lazy day...shall get back into proper blogging. Oh and this might be of interest to other XXXHolic fans :P Says there will be a movie in 2005? So I've heard. Someone might wanna comfirm....

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Saturday, June 5, 2004

I will start blogging here again. Thank to everyone who loved this layout and I'm sorry I didn't abuse it properly. I might social, I might not.

But I want to blog here. I do. And I will :P

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Saturday, May 1, 2004

MOST IMPORTANTLY :: Yes, folks, Tokyo Babylon IS OUT. Go on, buy it :P


Mmmm....TohruxSeishir-- uhh, I mean SeishirouxTohru :P Of course. I think I'll go back and edit her sleeve, but if you guys ever saw the PSD of when I finish with her kimono - which you can barely see now XD;; - I did do a lot of work. But I don't think anyone ever will see it <<;; I mean, come on....it's done, over and up :P

AND I HAVE A LAYOUT FOR MAY. Not too bad. Could be better, but not bad. *giggles* I should have known you'd molest my picture XD

You're tempting me to make a little doodle of eye-patch Seishirou now XD Just for fun XD
....see......I need to catch up for HIM. Though I was always more fond of the people after these guys. Like that prince. And I can't remember a damn thing since it was so long ago. Actually, Beryl is kinda hot so I need to watch for her too XP
You should! Hey, it can't really kill someone to at least attempt, ne? Even a simple little sketch is sometimes nice when you have a head full of ideas n_n
And the new layout is here :D

All done for now :D Please check back in the archives for previous social.

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F A M I L Y?

Just based on a loose theory that Kamui Shirou's father is Seishirou Sakurazuka. Yeah, like the boy isn't fucked up enough. Actually, screw that - I fixed up Tohru's kimono just so I could use a bunch of brushes and make it messy. And the text box. Go me. But I'm pretty proud of it, actually. So yay.

And bless brushes - provided from Opacity. Lovely stuff :P

Song? No song, but I used the title and listening to Ripe(with decay) by NIN for this layout. Well, yeah, I listening to it a few times before switching tracks, but you get the idea :P Characters belong to CLAMP, and we don't know if these two even went to school together. So um...no taking to heart, ne?


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